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Governor Carlos Moisés and the secretaries Fernando Raupp (SAI) and Leonardo Ferreira (Sema) participated in the UN climate change conference, in Scotland. The State’s presence was highlighted by the presentation of the performance of Santa Catarina in relation to climate issues, the reinforcement of the commitment to good environmental practices and the firm speech of the head of the Santa Catarina Executive – in the debate with leaders from all over the world – demanding collective effort from the authorities in the recovery of environmental liabilities left by the exploration of energy matrices by world economic powers, as in SC, involving the beginning of coal activities in the south of the state. “We fulfilled our role. Santa Catarina’s participation in COP26 was a demonstration of responsibility to the world that we want to leave to the new generations. It is urgent to act now to try to mitigate the effects

Governor Carlos Moisés welcomed the ambassador of Costa Rica to Brazil, Norman Lizano Ortiz and presented Santa Catarina’s potential, competitive advantages, entrepreneurial capacity, and advances made in public administration since the beginning of the current administration. Possibilities of partnerships and strengthening of governmental and cultural relations were also discussed. “Our State has many similarities with Costa Rica, especially in terms of territorial size and population. In this meeting today, we exchanged experiences and we have already established some dialogue interests. Costa Rica is an exemplary country in environmental protection and disaster prevention. We have mutual interests that can be shared for the development of both”, said the governor. The Costa Rican ambassador to Brazil stressed that there is every interest in contributing and establishing partnerships with Santa Catarina. “We share important experiences. Among the similarities, we are also a country and a state that place great value on technological development,

The State Government’s Executive Secretariat for International Affairs (SAI), Sapiens Parque and the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MCTI) met for a two-day workshop to align investment attraction strategies and park management models technological and economic aspects of financial sustainability. At the opening of the event, the secretary for Research and Scientific Training at MCTI, Marcelo Marcos Morales, highlighted the support actions of the Secretariat for Financial Structures and Projects (SEFIP). Then, the secretary of SAI, Fernando Raupp, spoke about the importance of taking the theme of innovation in Santa Catarina to the MCTI and presented Sapiens Parque as a potential for attracting investment and growth in the sector. “Partnerships like this, in which we exchange information and get to know better business models, positively impact the State Government as we understand new possibilities for forming projects and attracting international investments.” The president of the tech park, Daniel Leipnitz,

Governor Carlos Moisés and the International Affairs Office (SAI) have met Japanese ambassador Akira Yamada at the D’Agronômica House, in Florianopolis, in early August. The meeting, which was preceded by military honors, the Chief of the State’s Executive Power (Executive Branch) stressed the importance of strengthening governmental relationships and the broadening of opportunities between Santa Catarina and Japan, aside from the partnerships already signed through the Agency of International Cooperation of Japan (JICA) and Casan, with investments that will help boost the State’s economical and sustainable development. “For Santa Catarina, having the Japanese in our lands is fundamental, as they cooperate with agribusiness, technology and innovation in all areas. They bring from Japanese culture, which suits our state very well, the model of small properties. The strengthening of relations helps us to advance in various segments, such as infrastructure with new investments, as well as fostering exports and strengthening ties

The President-Director of Emgepron (Empresa Gerencial de Projetos Navais, in English, Naval Projects Management Company), vice admiral Edesio Teixeira Lima Junior, was in Florianopolis to discuss the progress of the construction project of four military vessels in Santa Catarina, which has an investment of R$ 9,1 billion, and may create up to 2 thousand direct jobs and near 8 thousand related jobs. State Government representatives, InvestSC, FIESC, SEBRAE and SENAI all participated in the meeting at the Santa Catarina’s Industry federation’s (FIESC) head office. The vessels’ project, with high-end technology, will take part at Oceana Shipyard, in Itajaí. The ships will be used in the protection of the Brazilian coast, in search and rescue missions, and in the fulfilment of international commitments. “This is the largest structuring project currently underway in the State, and will boost not only the naval construction industry, but all of sea economy”, claimed executive secretary

The executive secretary of International Affairs (SAI), Daniella Abreu, went to Brasilia to meet with Federal Government’s and embassies’ representatives to continue forth with the State’s agenda and discuss investment attraction and foreign trade affairs. At the Ministry of Economy, Santa Catarina’s representatives discussed matters of foreign trade and competitivity with the secretaries of Foreign Trade, Lucas Ferraz, and Productivity, Employment and Competitivity, Bruno Portela, of the Ministry of Economy. Afterwards, SAI’s secretary met with the secretary of Financial Structures and Projects, Marcelo Gomes Meirelles, at the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation to discuss projects, structuration, and investment fundraising for Technology. Another discussed issue was the improvement of the competitivity of Santa Catarina’s ports, an agenda of InvestSC. “These are very positive agendas to Santa Catarina and our continuous quest for more innovation, efficiency and international investments”, Stressed Daniella Abreu. Following the international agenda in Brasilia, the secretary went

Governor Carlos Moisés signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the US Embassy in Brazil this Monday, 28, in Florianópolis. The Memorandum accounts for partnerships in the fields of commerce and investment; health, science and technology; environment; agriculture; education; and human rights. Furthermore, the document also cites best practices in solving administrative and public safety problems, setting goals, parameters, results and exchange. The head of the State Executive, who received US Ambassador Todd C. Chapman with military honours, presented Santa Catarina’s potential, entrepreneurship capability and the advances achieved in the State’s public management since the beginning of his term. “Our State is small in territory, but giant in economic strength and quality of life. While the entire world saw a fall in its exports and commerce, Santa Catarina managed to grow in a remarkable way. The USA are great partners. (The signing of) this agreement is a historical moment that will

Santa Catarina’s Governor Carlos Moisés da Silva signed this month a decree that implements the Santa Catarina’s new business Investment and Incentives Attraction Program (Invest SC). With the measure, the State Government intends to attract new investments to the territory of Santa Catarina in addition to assisting investors in potential new business projects. The newly installed secretary of Sustainable Economic Development (SDE), Luciano Buligon, Deputy Chief of Staff, Juliano Chiodelli, and Executive Secretary for the Environment, Celso Albuquerque, also signed the decree. “The creation of this work group with representatives of the public and private sectors will attract more investors and help create even more opportunities to the people. Our objective is that Santa Catarina may grow even more than it already does and to develop our State even further.” Said Governor Moisés. The main objective of Invest SC will be to propose activities that encourage business attraction in the

The Executive Secretary for International Affairs (SAI) of the State Government, Daniella Abreu, was in Brasília, in January, to open discussions on several international business partnerships for Santa Catarina. At the Luxembourg Embassy, ​​the discussion was around available credit lines for companies and start ups in Santa Catarina. During the meeting, the Luxembourg ambassador, Carlo Krieger, confirmed that his country is interested in collaboration in finance, space and health. “The ties between Luxembourg and Santa Catarina are already considerably strong due to the European  immigration to Brazil during the 19th century. Now, we are moving towards working together in economic development, promoting partnerships that we hope will bear much fruit ”, he said. The economic and commercial attaché of the Embassy, ​​Felipe Diniz, also mentioned the opportunity to engage on their program that provides 30% non-refundable financing for research projects aligned with those carried out in Luxembourg. At the Japan

The governor of Santa Catarina, Carlos Moisés, signed last month the Declaration of Public Utility (DUP) for the implementation of the Gas South Terminal (TGS), a Golar Power project, in Babitonga Bay, in the municipality of São Francisco do Sul. Considered an essential infrastructure work for public sector services, TGS will benefit the population with an increase of around 50% in the supply of natural gas to the South region. Currently, the only source of supply for the State is concentrated in the Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline which, according to SCGás, has already reached the limit of its capacity. “Santa Catarina is on the right track. This is the seed of a process that will result in the improvement of manufacturing conditions in our state. The Government understands that  this projetct is extremerly importante because once the project is up and running the tax of gas consumption will stay in Santa