Student exchange program is on the agenda for the meeting between the Governor and the Ambassador of Austria in Brazil

The Governor of Santa Catarina, Jorginho Mello, accompanied by the Secretary of International Articulations, Juliano Froehner, met with the Ambassador of Austria in Brazil, Stefan Scholz, this Tuesday, 7th, at Casa d’Agronômica. Other state secretaries and guests also participated in the meeting with the Ambassador to discuss diplomatic matters between Santa Catarina and the European country.

Among the topics of the conversation there were: to boost literacy in German in Santa Catarina, student exchange programs, as well as the economy and sustainable policies.

The Governor evaluated the dialogue as positive with the first political arrangements made during the meeting this past Tuesday. “We are already defining policies to ensure, for example, the exchange of more young students from Santa Catarina to Austria and vice versa. We have a very strong connection, mainly with families that are from Itajaí Valley and that have a direct connection with Austria and other European countries. In addition to economic topics, such as European companies that already invest in our state”, informed the Governor.

Austria’s Ambassador to Brazil, Stefan Scholz, made a commitment to return to Santa Catarina in October to visit the Oktoberfest in Blumenau. “I am very happy to be here with the Governor and the other guests talking about important matters that further strengthen the ties between Santa Catarina and Austria”, highlighted Stefan Scholz.

According to Secretary Juliano Froehner, the purpose of this kind of meeting is to seek international partnerships and it is no different with Austria. “We are looking for the technical cooperation agreement for the exchange student programs, in addition to bring products and technologies to Santa Catarina,” he said.

Text and photo: Secom 

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